Hello my name is Ashley:) I'm 20. I Love Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Pokémon and whatever else I post up on my tumblr!! I'm a random person and love meeting new people. ~AllLovePointstoSirens

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I think I might have broken my finger reblogging this. 

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booty vs booty

I’m always amazed how much control Chris has over that shield. When Tom turns it is swinging around uncontrollably, while in Chris’ hand it stays perfectly still.

This is a basically a tribute to Chris’ acting, though. How many people honestly remembered it wasn’t actually Hiddleston as Loki disguised as Captain America?

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#I fuckin’ hate the future

#get me back to 1940 #cant handle this #captain american’t

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The first thing i thought of when i saw Guardians of the Galaxy

If we’re gonna get out of here, we’re gonna need to get into that launch tower. And to do that I’m gonna need a few things.

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another meme i won’t finish - 2/20 female characters

and usually life takes more than it gives, but not today. today it’s given us something. it’s given us a chance. to do what? to give a shit. for once. and not run away.

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